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Welcome to BMHS Library

Teacher Librarians this semester are:

Ms. Whidden, periods 2, 3, and 5

Ms. George, period 1

Ms. Tiessinga, period 4

BMHS E+ Library  A collection of digital resources that   complements the library print resources and databases.

Subjects tab  Click on a Subject to find web sites and Pathfinders.

Info Skills tab Learn how to find and evaluate digital information.

Web Search tab  Link to Academic reference resources, copyright process, compare search engines. Learn what a Meta-Search engine and Invisible Web are.

E+Books tab  Download free ebooks in the Public Domain; International literary Awards; What to read next; Teen book awards; Canadian literary awards.

Podcast tab  Learn how to find a podcast, or record and publish a Podcast.

News tab  Canadian and International online newspapers  and magazines.

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